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Originally Posted by Dexman1349 View Post
Total noob question (and admittedly without having read all 10 pages):

What about the rear brakes? Is the front the only area needing upgraded?
Cadillac CTS-V, ZL1 and SS all have 4 piston calipers. No need to change them. If you are wanting 6 piston rears then you will have to get aftermarket calipers. Really I see no need for 6 piston rears since the fronts are the work horses. Although, someone may give some reasoning to do the rears, at this time I see no need to change them unless you want the paint to match. In that case you will need to get the CTS-V gen II rear calipers but they are not an exact fit you need to swap the cross over tubes to make them work properly.

For the price they are I would just send them all off for powder coating and have them match or paint them yourself.
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