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Mustang comparison, disciples pay special attention please!

So today I went by a car firm that specializes on imported and more exclusive cars and thus have nice things like Corvettes, assorted Chevys and loooots of Mustangs. Anyway I just went by to check out a Mustang because I've never really had a sit in a muscle or pony car in adult age and thus thought I should.

First off, I have not converted, I'm still a GM guy, but around here anything American is pretty exciting (I even got a bit tingly about the Malibu Hybrid they had at the place). Now to my impressions:

I took a sit in the Bullitt Mustang and I have to say I quite liked it. I already like the look of the Bullitt and thought the interior was nicely styled to fit the exterior. But first I made an ass out of myself when trying to adjust the seat. I'm so used to my old Saab that I looked for a lever and kindly got pointed to the button that you shifted in different directions. Anyways in the seat, door closed (hey the windows shifted up when I close the door wtf? oh okay to close the door better). I fit pretty well in the seat, surprised that a big guy like me had some space to move around actually, used to not really fitting that well in most cars. Felt the wheel, the shifter and the pedals. Looked around, pretty good view. Rear view mirror a bit in the way though. Oh well not as bad as my dads Prius. Only real reason that I didn't take it for a spin was that I didn't have the time.

In conclusion I have to say I quite liked my first hand-son enqouenter with a modern American car with a V8.

Now the questions begin though. To the people who have encountered the 5th gen, and most certainly the disciples, how does it compare to the Mustang? And no not the obivous stuff like engine power etc, if I bought a Mustang it would be to hold me over to the top Camaro in a few years time, but more like how you fit in it, how is it sizewise on the outside?

I'm also intrested in hearing about comparisons to 4th gens and such.
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