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Originally Posted by Bumble Bee '77 View Post
My moms mini cooper did that too. When opening and closing the doors. And I have taken a 2007 Mustang GT for a spin and I have to say my 4th gen handles a hell of a lot better. Much firmer steering and control. Didn't really care for the giant turn signal lever. <I'm kinda picky on things like that, plus it was loud when it clicked, drove me nuts> The ride wasn't as smooth as my 4th gen either. And maybe its just me but I didn't think off the line that it had as much power. BTW my 4th gen is a 3.8L V6. But thats just my opinion.
I recently drove a co-worker's Mustang and I enjoyed the idea of the windows, too! I also have to say that my 4th Gen felt like it handled way better, too. Her V6 Mustang had more pick-up than my Camaro though...however I'm workin' with the old 3.4l V6...and not the 3.8l. But the 4th Gen's stick to the ground way better.

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