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Originally Posted by EDFHOBBIES View Post
Awesome thank you..

I ordered the ZL1 pump, IDS 850 and a smaller puller.. 281.00 to the door for the pump, $722.00 for the injectors, and 40.00 for the pulley.

there is a special of 1787.00 ( cam of your choice and parts included) plus 500.00 for the Matt S. Tune.

I have a lift but I'm still gonna cut the hatch for the pump.. Unless there is a video of what needs to be done to do the tank.. All the shops here want $400.00 for the fuel pump swap..

I found 2 devices to cut with in the ole tool box.. see pic
I used only the cutoff wheel when I did mine. Just watch out near the front edge of the rear seat pan, there is some wiring right there. I couldn't change mine with the screwdriver and hammer method. I had to make my own tool as no one local had the OTC type tool to rent or buy. I still recommend the ADM module to go along with the ZL1 pump to keep up with those ID850s.
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