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That 5.7 sec. 0-60 time is for the 3.2, not the 2.0. The 2.0 would be closer to the 7 sec. mark. Ask yourself what do you want. Do you want luxury? or do you prefer power? The Audi has a great exterior, a decent interior, but the 2.0 lacks power. I also have a friend that had a 08 2.0 and she did nothing but complained about the constant problems that it gave her. The camaro, if you get the v6 has more power, has a nice exterior, but lacks the modern day interior. You also have to consider if you are going to end up voiding out your warranty with performance parts as well. Audis are more expensive to maintain. You may want to consider the price tag as well. I have seen the 2.0's go for the low 30k range. The last thing you will want to consider is insurance. Just because the audi is a 2.0 does not mean it will be cheaper. Luxury cars have been known to have higher insurance rates because they are luxury cars.
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