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Originally Posted by BBfan24 View Post
thanks for the info. i hope the dealer i've been talking to is willing to work with me
Judging by past experience, they won't come down if the demand is still high.You will have to wait until production gets high enough that cars are starting to sit on the lot for a couple of weeks without selling.As long as they sell before they take delivery or as soon as they back them off the truck, they aren't going to come down. This may be different with those dealers that put a bunch of add-ons and raise the sticker price by 10-15K, but I never deal with those kind of dealers anyway. Any dealer that can advertise $7k-15K off MSRP "this week only" is a dealer to avoid.That just means they have been ripping people off for an extra $15k the other 51 weeks of the year. There are several of those kind of dealers here in the Houston area.

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