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Red face [DFW] Dallas Area 35th LE Gathering -- September 26, 2009

We will be having a 35th Anniversary Edition Camaro SS gathering at the Cars & Coffee event in Plano, TX at the end of September. This requires no event planning on our part, and C&C would be happy to have us, as they accept all enthusiast vehicles free of charge. We will not be imposing on them with special notions of a 35th LE gathering, nor planning anything special on their premises. We will respect their rules--especially NO BURNOUTS, and NO SQUEALING your tires. We will not impose on Classic BMW's staff by staying past the time of the event. We do not have special arrangements with them, and will not impose in any way. Please keep that in mind.

All Camaros and Firebirds are welcome to come, however, if you see a 35th Anniversary Edition Camaro SS and are not driving one yourself, please do not park next to the 35th LE. Please allow another 35th LE to have that space.

Sample photo from the July show:

The Cars & Coffee meet at Classic BMW (in Plano) on the last Saturday of the month (every month) has been gaining popularity with all car enthusiasts in Dallas ever since it started in May 2009. At July's meet, supposedly over 250 cars of various makes and models showed up throughout the show, always with room for at least another hundred at any given time from my observation. The event is becoming extremely popular for many reasons...

*No entry fee -- no fees of any kind for that matter, besides the price of coffee if you choose to partake

*No time or space requirements -- you can come and go as you please -- stay 5 minutes, or stay until you're the last car there, it simply doesn't matter.

*No "riff raff" -- the meets take place so early on Saturday mornings that the people who normally ruin car shows by showing off and getting everyone in trouble aren't awake yet (my opinion only)

*Not a lot of worrying -- you can park your car, lock it, leave the hood down, and walk away. Not many people bring lawn chairs and guard their cars. It's simply not that type of event. I would say that 80% of the cars have their hood down and are just parked at the event.

*The area -- the area of the dealership is an extremely good, safe area. The only people who stand by and watch their cars are the ones who open up their hoods and doors for people to look inside.

*Professional photographers -- Professional photographers roam the event taking photos; most of which end up on I'm sure a crowd of 5 or more 35th LEs would attract some attention at the show and result in some great photos being put online of our cars.

For more information on Cars & Coffee, please visit their official site.

The Plan:
The August C&C is coming up on the 29th and is (1) too soon to involve a great many in the event and (2) too hot outside to be comfortable for more than an hour for most people, so we'll wait until September when Dallas is at least below 100 degrees hopefully.

You'll need to drive to the location and enter the show. Someone with a walkie talkie will stop you, talk to you, and tell you where the other American cars are located and direct you to the numbered row you can park in. If we are able to, we will all be parked together in the same rows. If not, as the crowd disperses after 10 or 10:30am, we'll relocate the cars to get some nice photos.

All Camaros and Firebirds are of course invited, but the main purpose of this event is to have a 35th Anniversary Edition Camaro SS reunion of sorts. If you have a 4th gen, bring it. It'd be neat to have a large 4th gen showing in the very least! However, as I already stated, please do not park next to a 35th LE if you are not driving one yourself. Please leave that space open for another 35th LE if possible.

Afterwards, if people are interested, we can perhaps go have a drive somewhere, have breakfast somewhere, etc.

The Date, Location, Time, etc.:

Date and time may change, but should be...

September 26, 2009
Approximately 8am til Noon (most people at past shows get there before 9 and leave before 10)
West parking lot at Classic BMW
6800 Dallas Parkway
Plano, TX 75024


If coming from the South, take the Dallas North Tollway north, exit Spring Creek Parkway onto Dallas Parkway (the tollway's service road), go straight through the light at Spring Creek Parkway, and there is always a sign that says Cars & Coffee, and you turn right and enter the show.


RSVP if you'll be bringing your 35th LE to this event. We don't need an RSVP for the number of people, nor the number of non-35th LE cars. Just an RSVP for each 35th LE coming so we can have an idea of how many will be there.

Definitely bringing a 35th LE:
1. Brangeta
2. AnnivSS from LS1tech
3. 35thLE02 from LS1tech
4. fastimes35th from LS1tech
5. TX35th (35thle name)/2fast97z (LS1tech name)

Maybe bringing a 35th LE:
1. runninron from 35thle
2. Brad Gibbs from 35thle

If you are on the Maybe list, please let me know in this topic if your plans have changed from Maybe to Definitely as the event draws nearer.

The main location for the RSVP list is on in this topic on the message board:

You have to be registered on the forum to see the topic, so you can do that if you like, but it's not required. You can RSVP here instead, and I'll add you to the official list on that topic. I'll try to keep this list up to date with members RSVPing from all the different forums, but my first priority is the list on's board.
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