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Z28 Hold Out!
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Originally Posted by fastball View Post
Spoken like a true salesman

Just kiddin..... although I do not agree that this car deserves MSRP. Nothing deserves more of my money than what is fair for both sides. I will pay less than MSRP, it's only a matter of how long it takes to find a dealer willing (which I think I already have if you read my previous post on this topic).
Fair is the key word here. And that is exactly what my dealership is all about. With all due respect to you, you are not looking for a fair deal, you are simply looking for a discount. If buying a new Camaro at under 30k with 400+ ponies, design, hype, and sheer beauty, at MSRP, compared at anything else, how could it be anything but fair? Is the Z06 fair compared to its competition? Or simply discounting it make it more fair to you? I am not the best at conveying through written messages, but i gave it my best. I could give more examples, but i do better through speech, Hey I am a salesmen
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