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Originally Posted by Primus View Post
All this talk about tuning difficulties is really starting to confuse/irritate me. I know little about engines. I'll put that out upfront. Am I wrong in thinking that GM knows how to tune this engine? Certainly they went through and did a little tuning and didn't just drop the engine in. Wouldn't it stand to reason if they were able to do it then others would be able to in a reasonable time frame? I know they've had their hands on the engine for a long time but wouldn't they parlay some of that knowledge to the tuning community?

And what goes into a "tune"?
There are over 600 tables for fueling alone. There are 5 discreet modes of operation for DI.
I have been working/tuning with the LNF since it was released. The calibration file in the PCM is over 3 meg. It is HUUUUGE! and has more redundant checks and nannies then you can shake a stick at. It has its own quirks/conditions that erupt that are VERY different from PFI motors.

Gm doenst want to leak out tuning info, it's a emissions & longevity liability for them. Hell the PCM is bosch calibrated AFAIK and the suite used to calibrate it is owned by bosch and licenced to gm.
In time I bet there will be "stage" kits from GM. Exhaust, pcm cal, etc.
But I highly doubt that there will be any GM based FI setup for the 6.
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