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Cross Brace ?

Originally Posted by suavecito1177 View Post
I recently had a custom exhaust installed on my Camaro and I was using the info. from this site and youtube for videos and sound clips of the best one that wasn't going to break my pocketbook.

So, I ordered 2- Aero Turbine AR25 Resonators online and 2- 2.5" to 4" Pypes Stainless Tips online. As soon as they came in, the next day I had my Camaro at the shop at 8:30am. It took them till 1pm to finish, but that was because a guy was having a MBRP installed on his 09 Silverado.

Anyways when I picked the car up and ran her around the block for the first time I was impressed just by the differt sound from stock, but othe thing sounded like an import. At idle she sounded great but at higher rpm's she got real raspy and the wifey wasn't having it.

So, the next day I took it back in first thing in the morning and had them install a dual in dual out magnaflow in replace of the resonators. As you can tell by the pics I had them rip out the old resonators and the mufflers and they ran 2.5" from the H-pipe back.

Here are a few pics and my youtube videos for sound. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks

Aero Turbine AR25



Yes it does sound very good w/ the Magnaflow 2 in 2-out ONLY...
If the sound gets too loud for you: put those 2-AERO AR25s back on after the Axle then it may sound even BETTER.... (just my thought) It may sound better than the Orig.Thread: Axle-Back W/ the 2 Aero25s -Which sounds Very good !

ALSO... You should have your man Put a CROSS BRACE back ( I know the orig. will not fit now) You can buy one, I have seen them, or have him make one.........

THANKS for sharing............

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