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SS Shotgun Ride?!??! :-)
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The hood scoop is similar to a 4th gen SS. Prolly for looks only.

The front aero splitter screams ZR1 Vette. The brake rotors appear to be stock Z06 Vette rotors.

As for the large openings in the front bumper area, I'd bet they are there for some "movie magic" -- meaning that BB has "something" new that those openings facilitate.

It's, very simply, a "mash-up" of design elements for the movie, ONLY.

I'd be surprised if a production SS/Z28/Whatever had the same features. Thats just me.

HOWEVER -- I am very concerned about the puny brake rotors and calipers we have seen so far. I'd like the top dawg to have some SERIOUS rotors and calipers. It's going to need them.
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