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Originally Posted by Banshee View Post
Are we being unrealistic, over posessive or what?
Not over possesive. Maybe unrealistic but I guess I just expect for people to give me the same respect that I give people.

Originally Posted by CajunCamaroChic View Post
How did that happen? Looks like a troll came up and whacked it with a sledge hammer!
Appears as if they were pulling in to park and hit my car because they didn't have enough swing room. The other side of my car was against a wall. Really close so I could LEAVE THEM ROOM. The parking spot I left was EXTRA wide.

Originally Posted by TheDarkKnight_23 View Post
That sucks man! I already got scratch marks on my trunk someone lay their crap on my car and dragged them! Pissed me off!
That's even worse.
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