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Originally Posted by Mod007 View Post
Looks like a white poll ball to me, Im not paying $400+ for it but if you like it thats all that matters...
I don't think the white cue ball (or black 8-ball) shift knobs are very attractive compared to the standard factory style. But, the important part is the operation.

If the difference is as extreme as the factory vs. Hurst shifters in the 4th gen (which I doubt), I highly recommend it. The Hurst in the 4th gen was so wonderfully precise and silky smooth it made the standard factory shifter seem like a cheap, clunky, sloppy mess. It made the experience more like driving a sports car (of all things) instead of a tractor. I don't really care about any performance improvement, a high quality, short-throw simply makes for a more comfortable and enjoyable daily driver.
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