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My two cents:

First off, if the breaking the key thing is the actual solution (I wasn't able to go through the entire thread looking for pictures so I'm not sure if there are others) then that's just stupid, lazy, and disappointing.

Here's where I think the problem lies though: the key is 90 degrees from how a typical car key goes in. On your average car key, the flat plane of the key and flat plane of the handle/grip/whatever are parallel. With a switchblade design, the key essentially has to be rotated by 90 degrees to fit. Now regardless of design, the flat plane of the key is inserted at the same angle regardless of vehicle (looking at the ones in my driveway), and this angle is essentially parallel to the ground. This means that the key on the Camaro is pointed with the wide part facing the driver. Again on your average vehicle, this would be facing up. When it is the turned 90 degrees to start the car, the flat part is down and gives a big surface to hit, while a typical key is straight up and down.

So by my understanding, it seems like they could have fixed this by just turning the ignition itself. I don't know if this is possible but it seems like it could happen.

Anyways, that just what I've realized this morning. Not sure if it's been discussed or not.
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