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Originally Posted by hollywoodjose View Post
ok well here's my dilemma, i purchased lifetime oil change at the dealership and they use mobile 1 synthetic, bottom line is that will be better for the car than regular mobile 1 won't it? but i do understand that RP is like top of the line and maybe in a couple years i'll trade it in for a Z-28 or a new SS cause i'll be makin more money and have quite a bit paid on my current car and when i do get a different car i won't buy the lifetime oil change again
just to clear it up for you mobile 1 is exxon-mobile full synthetic line the other lines are mobile clean *whatever* is there regular oil or blends

you don't have to say synthetic after you say mobile 1 because it is their only line of full synthetic "well kinda lol, i just learned a lot about them thanks f14tomcat "

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