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In the 90s, Mobil filed suit against Castrol for falsely advertising Syntec oil as synthetic, when in fact it contained a Group III, highly hydroprocessed mineral (Dino) oil, instead of a chemically synthesized (group IV or V) basestock. Due to the amount that the mineral oil had been chemically changed, the judge decided in Castrol's favor. As a result, any oil containing this highly hydroprocessed mineral (Dino) oil (currently called Group III
basestock by the American Petroleum Institute) can be marketed as a synthetic oil. Since the original synthetic basestock (polyalphaolefin or PAO) is much more expensive than the Group III basestock, most of the oil blenders switched to the Group III basestock, which significantly increased their profit margins.
This info about a law suit it not factual.

What Mobil 1 did was complain to the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus about false advertising, it was not in a court of law. Every thing else is pretty much factual, the ruling basically said that synthetic oil can be made from natural petroleum and did not need to be from chemical reaction of small molecules as Mobil 1 contended.

PS - I have the complete story from Lubricants World but copy write protection prohibits me form putting it here. If someone wants it I can email it to you if you PM me.

fyi - Here is a link to download a AMSOIL Catalog
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