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I should be getting my car in the next few weeks, god willing. My wife just told me I can have whatever options I want for my car and it will be my xmas gift. I need to know how much the ZL575 package is going to cost before I tell her this is what I want. Anyone know the price or know when that info will be released?
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2SS/RS - SIM M6 Order# NKNBS6 Reordered on 6/9/09 2G1FT1EW0A9134351 Born on date = 8/10/09
1100, Preliminary order accepted 6/9/09
3000, Order accepted by production control6/27/09
3100, Order available to sequence7/20/09
3300, Order scheduled for production7/20/09 TPW 8/03/09
3400, Order broadcast08/07/09
3800, Order produced08/10/09 2G1FT1EW0A9134351
4000, Available to ship08/11/09
4200, Shipped08/11/09
5000, Delivered to the dealer08/18/09
6000, Delivered to the customer08/18/09
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