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$4,000 To Go!!!
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Alright got an update on my camaro everyone. Some things have been coming up which is really frustrating me with my current car. My 2004 explorer hit a huge nail on this bridge in our town and it completly shot the front tire. Had to put alot of money aside for those tires which really set me back for my car. I also have been getting stuff for college and stuff which is also really setting me back which i didnt think about before. I obviously want education first because without a good job, i wont be able to get anything i want. So i have made the decision/sacrafise to wait until the first quarter of 2011 and get a 2SS Vert. I am still thinking of getting a Black SS with White Stripes. Im just wishing that these things didnt pop up that set me back for my ordering on Christmas this year. But i have to be happy with what i have now, so i can be happier in the near future, with a brand new 2011 2SS Vert in my driveway! Thanks a lot to everyone for your constant support on this long journy that everyone is on for our cars. Everyone drive safe (these things are beasts) and enjoy!
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