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Originally Posted by SSideways View Post

Is that a "J" turn?

Looks like the crew was waiting for someone to hit the "that was easy" button.
Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Actually, the "J" turn you refer to is done by going in reverse about 30-40 mph, quickly turning the steering wheel, and catching the slide as the front wheels slide around to the front where you are going forward.

J turns are fun. Can be VERY hard to do in some cars and very easy to do in others.

For the younger crowd:
The best place to see a good example of a well executed 'J' turn, is re-runs of 'the Rockford Files' and he drives an 'F' body , a 77 Firebird or older in the pre-77 shows. He made the manuever famous. Probably did not do it in every show...but all the good ones

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