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Local chevy dealership, oh my...

I'm all for supporting your local dealerships.

I've purchased from the "local chevy dealership - leaving they name out for now" in the past (Chevy SSR in 2004). I could not find a Camaro I liked or one they were willing to offer at a decent enough price given my trade situation. I purchased my Camaro at another dealership (22 miles away).

I wanted to get three warranty related issues addressed with my 2010 Camaro. A dealership makes money from sales and service and if they do it correctly they can make more from the service side of the business

I scheduled an appointment and took in the Camaro with the three items outlined. The service writer was just fine during the entire "episode" so I'm not blaming him at all.

The "service manager" decided that the "centering of the steering wheel" would not be worked on by them because they claimed it was a PDI issue the selling dealership should have performed. I was told only the selling dealership will get paid for this type of work. I stated that if I purchased and moved I would have to return to the selling dealership to get this work done. He said no that it could be taken care of by getting authorization from the selling dealership. I asked if they could call the selling dealership and "get authorization" to perform the corrective action.

This is when this "service manager" started to have a melt down. He said would not perform any warranty work on my Camaro because I did not buy it from them. "That's what keeps the lights on when people buy from us". I stated I wanted to bring my service work to them for a long term relationship so the money made from service could help support this dealership, but he did not want to hear it.

In a not so pleasant tone, he told me to take my Camaro and never come back to that dealership. And again all this over my question about the steering issue.

I bet you can guess how I feel about this "service manager" about now....

I called the owner of the dealership and left him a message. He called me back about an hour later. Let's put it this way, his attitude wasn't much better than the "service manager".

He was trying to justify why they were marking up the IOM Camaro on their lot with a factory MSRP of 41070 to 49692 (by adding overcharged options and a massive $5000 markup on top of the options) but just in the past few days they dropped it to 46500 and how wonderful that was. He did not understand why I purchased from another dealership and paid "more than they would have charged me if I ordered through them". Their "price" is subjective even though they claim MSRP for orders (when they have no allocation - they're ordering through the owner's brother's dealership to get any Camaros - as he told me just a few weeks ago in a face to face conversation). Their sales staff will argue with you that the dealership add ones are part of the "factory msrp".

I've had it with them. They burned me once while trying to get service work on one of my former Chevy SSRs and now they refuse to perform warranty work on my 2010 Camaro.

If I were you, I would not do business with them! (PM me if you want the dealership name)

I ended up taking my Camaro back to the selling dealership that same day and I had the Camaro warranty work performed there. I just wish they were closer to my home.
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