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Originally Posted by Dtpracing View Post
On the L99 Automatic we installed the PC on, the drivetrain loss seems kind of high in comparison to the SRT automatics, most of those cars make about 370rwhp stock which is only about 15/16% loss compared to the 20/21% we saw on this camaro.
Frank or Brent,
I think the 20% loss is due to 3 things, 1. 20 inch wheels, 6L80E trans that is one beefy mother and the GM computer is very conservative and loves to pull timing, I ran 2 runs back to back stock and put down 319rwhp on my L99 then pulled the ECM fuses to clear the LTRIM`s for about 5 minutes, immediatly ran it again and gained 8rwhp, no cooldown.

American Racing is seeing 30-50rwhp w/ their header and x-pipe kits tuned. That L99 exhaust setup is pitiful...If you did the exhaust on that car and still have it laying around take a look at it.

I`m thinking a Whipple for mine, you can`t spin the L99 in the high rpm`s because of the lifters, so lets make power down low w/ a screw style, and at least on the mustangs isn`t the whipple the most effecient at the same boost levels? Now if I had a manual LS3 w/ the 6600 redline a Procharger would be my choice for certain.

I bet that car is a whole nother animal now! Picking up 158rwhp is freakin sweet
2010 SS L99, 536rwhp 10.843@126.72. Whipple Supercharger stock pulley, ARH 1 7/8 longtubes w/ catted xpipe, magnaflow 3" mufflers, ADM Race CAI, 3:70 gears, lightweight wheels and nitto drag radials. Stock internal L99, stock converter.

Bolt on best before blower 12.22@113.29 w/ nothing but ARH headers, catted x-pipe, ADM CAI and a tune on stock Pzero`s!

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