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Talking PICS Update 8-27 IOM Going in for Black Custom Stripes

My baby is going in the booth for stripes. I decided against the 2tone for a number of reasons, but mainly because after actually getting the car, realized I just love the IOM too much to cover up half the car with another color, especially the part of the car that looks the best in bright Sunlight. It does need a little customization though and painted stripes will be just the ticket.

I'm working with Greg @ Performance Auto Body in Manassas, VA. He's owned more 1stgen Camaro's and Corvettes than I'll ever dream of owning, so I know I'm going to be thrilled with the results and the attention he's going to give my car.

I'll be sure to post pic's as I get them from Greg. I'm replicating the stripes found on this Yellow 2SS but with light pearl dusting to better match the IOM. The Stripes we mocked up were 14" wide with a 6" center gap plus the pinstripes. UPDATE: These stripes are 16 1/2" wide with the same 6" center gap

Updated 10/23 - Paint Codes for the BLACK Pearl Stripes

He uses Sherwin Williams automotive paint.

Black = Ultra 7000 # 7218 Base
Pearl = Crystal Silver Pearl # PT30

The mix is 50 Grams Base to 0.4 Grams of Pearl.


Axle-Back Exhaust replacement:

I just got the SLP LM II Axle back kit in the mail today... I'll put this on likely this upcoming weekend.

Black Pearl Bumblebee Stripes:

The clear just went on today, but Greg wanted to wait to buff the panels off the car and said it would take a few more days until I can actually pick up the car. Darn, I'll miss this weekend. We ended up 16.5" stripes to match the Bumblebee width and I think a lot of people will agree that the proportion on these stripes are great looking on a car this wide.

If you click the pic, you can go to the full resolution pic... there you'll see some of the pearl in the black with this shot...

Oh my Poor Car!!

Just as a comparison, notice how wide the stripes are on the 1st GEN cars are in relationship to the width of the car itself. These stripes have more in common with the 1st gen camaro's that just about any other stripes I've seen except they don't go straight of the end of the bumper... The stripes have much better proportion to the car IMHO than the OEM Vinyl by a long shot...

I'll post more pics as the car get's reassembled and the bowties are painted etc....

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