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Originally Posted by irpq11 View Post

Ok okokokokokokokokokokok. VERY nice. THAT'S what I"M talkin' bout.................

So I can expect a fix from GM soon? Hope so because there is a loud mouthed B**** on our Friday night bowling league who has a yellow Mustang and wants to race. I've been for a long time now avoiding her and just make a joke or change the subject. This chick is like a freakin 8 yr. old kid calling me chicken and how she heard the Camaros have all kinds of problems and how I overpaid for it. Mind you, it's a V6. Not even a GT but I'm not racing till I KNOW I can beat her dumb ass.

When I get my fix and run fast like you Scott I swear I'm gonna put a banner in front of my office saying GM RULES.

Until then though. I gotta hide from the Mustang crowd. :(

I would think it more fun, just to keep telling her she wasn't worth the gas.

Don't care if I was driving a nine second auto, I just would not give some pig the satisfaction.

But that's me, and I'm an ass.

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