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Hey everyone just thought i'd share
today i took mine to seattle and i didnt see any others on the road, i was kinda surprised. I was going to take my girl to the zoo or aquarium but the zoo was packed when we got there and couldnt find a spot that i felt comfortable leaving it so we decided to look for the aquarium and once we found that the traffic down there was crazy i seen a car start smokin from the engine bigtime not too far from the aquarium cause we were moving so slow. We couldnt get to any parking down in that area either so we ended up going to the tulalip casino and walked out 160 ahead, my gf won most of it heh we were down to our last 20 each and she won 260, then we played a little bit and ate then i started winning. First time in a while that we came out ahead but it was fun. Well i hope i get to go to one of the gatherings over there some day so i can see everyone else's cars
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