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Originally Posted by Sir Nuke View Post
and are I will ass7ume you camping next to in in the rail yard and supervising every move.......I know I would if I could, Congrats, the wait is about over, and the adventure begins.
Lol I'm not quite that fanatical, although I did email and call my dealership and told them to NOT touch the car once it gets there; I'll do my own prep hehehe.

The adventure began last year I think when I first discovered this forum and started following it. Even though I didn't make my first post until May when I ordered my car, I've been reading this forum for about a year.

I'm hoping I can get it tomorrow; everybody that needs to be there isn't there this weekend at my dealer. It's no wonder American car dealers are struggling if they take weekends off; who ever heard of a retail business that takes weekends off!? lol

Blue Angel is here!!
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