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Great story ! I'm there with you, not quite as old but same feeling. My first car was a '67 Firebird and all my friends were driving similar cars, '69 Charger, nova, Torino, etc. No two cars the same. We were all able to cruise the main street of our town, hot rod our cars, find that back country road... , hang out at the local drive in ( yes there were still a couple left then).

It makes me sick to see that it's all about doing doughnuts in residential neighborhoods, street racing, and seeing how many thousands of watts of audio/tv/video games you can fit into your car now. Too bad.

We're all with you on the wait, we ordered ours last Oct. and had to wait until the end of June to take delivery, the wait seemed endless...... just think, you are almost there !
Ordered Oct. 13th, Del. Jun. 29th! CGM, 2SS/RS

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