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I was beat lastnite by a new Mustang GT. This guy was a cocky prick. I went to pick up my daughter and her freind from the movies and on the way this guy kept 'playing' with me. Begging me to race. I thought I knew better than to race as slow as my car is but got pissed at the last light. Those two guys were laughing there asses off. (that's right, 2 guys in his car) The last light was actually an entrace to a highway and wide open so when the light turned green I punched it. Got a little better jump than them but .

I only went to about 70 mph. Speed limit is 65, and would have went even farther but what was the point. They were WELL out in front. This car is freaking slow and I'm disgusted. Maybe it gets fixed and gets fast but in the mean time the first 3 months with my car have been a disapointment. And this incident really stung.

It goes in the shop Tuesday for the TAC stuff and to fix the Tachometer. I don't want it back until it's fixed. I wish there were a way to have ALL of you guys drive this Fing thing. You'de see what I'm talking about.

Tired of the jokes. Tired of the tests. Tired of the questions. Tired of explaining the issue. Tired of people doubting it. Just about tired of the car.
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