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custom job


I decided that I didn't want to trash a purchased system when I put the STS system on, so I started hacking like scrming and tried staright pipes first. To raspy for my taste. Picked up a couple of Flowmaster #325108 race mufflers. We welded the 2.5 x 4 inch SS Flowmaster tips right into the mufflers and then mounted them off the last hanger. Bent up a rather tight s pipe back into the factory pipe right in front of the diff.
Every person who has heard it says it's the best sounding exhaust they've heard to date on a v6.
Shed a cumulative 30 lbs after adding the new stuff. This morning on the tollway saw a 32.4 mpg running 65 to 70 mph. Engine has 2,400 miles on it.

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Sounds great when paddling!
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