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Originally Posted by 2KZ28_For_Now View Post
OK, I'm going to go out on a limb, here - this IS the final version. It's even got the GM "chiclet" square badge on the lower front fender.

From all the hubbub I've followed about the ZR1 for about a year now, I can tell you that this should be what will be hitting the showroom floors.

Can we get an interior pic, for gawd's sake!?!?!?!

BTW - is that a badge on the front grille, or an illusion!?!?

Oh yah, thanks to Dragon and TAG for the "tip of the hat" to this!!

This forum rocks!!!

Any bettors want to guess how long before THIS set of pictures ends up on Jalopnik!?!?!

EDIT: OK, the badge says "SS," AND the lower bumper vent matches the "BB" spyshots from he new 'Formers movie. Done deal.

The only thing that I can hope for is that if THIS is as close to the production version that we are going to get until September, I just hope GM actually goes through with the actual "Halo/Projector" scheme, as in the recent released Vert pics. Even if actual H.I.D's aren't an option, I'm a sincere DIE HARD fan of the "Halo/Projector" set up. Really GM, that's the only change I'm asking for or AT LEAST make it an option, surely the base models won't hold that set up as standard.. BUT I'm looking at the V8 realm, with that as an OPTION.. PURE HEAVEN. Still, GREAT FIND, GORGEOUS CAR, Cant wait to get in the driver's seat
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