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Originally Posted by JewelZ View Post
Loved your story and yes I am a young'n at age 22 but have been a muscle car enthusiast since I could reach the pedal from the edge of the seat in my dad's cars. Ford GT90 was my first love which I collected many models of, building them all from ground up for days and days as a hobby. But, I know what America is and I know what America is about and I feel ya(from hearing grandpa's stories ofcourse). My car is here about 22 miles from my house as well. I can't sleep, I can't eat, and I can't concentrate or speak of anything else but my car. I bet I will be one of the few who have cry when they get in their car for the first time. It has been the best and worst 18 weeks for me. I think this is the one of the biggest things that has ever happened to me in the 22.5 years of my life and this car will be my treasure and I will be poppin a u-turn in my life. I will be able to function normally again and may actually attend to normal life instead of sitting on this beautiful forum day and night. Enjoy your car and I hope it never fails you in anyway.
Thanks! and grats on your car; you're going to love it. Take good care of it. I know a classic when I see and drive one and this car is it. It has that "feel" of being more than just a new car; there's something special about it and you can feel it when you look at it and drive it.

American cars in the early to mid 60's had a boxy look; they were still smothered in chrome and some still had that big fins zoomy spaceship look that was the trendy style of the late 50's. The 63 vette was the first to break that look but they were expensive. The Mustang tried but still had a kind of rectangle/boxy look. The Camaro hit the scene like a thunderclap. They look kind of boxy now, especially compared to the new one, but back then it was fast and racy looking. People looked at a Mustang when they first appeared; they STARED at the Camaro. The Mustang was out first, but the Camaro stole the show when it appeared.

This new one has that same "feel" to it. Over 40 years later those first Camaros are prize cars and still look great. And restored and fixed up they sell for 30x what they originally sold for. Keep your car in shape and hang onto it, it will be a lifetime friend and good investment.

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