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Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
Well as frustrating as this must be for you guys, The good news is GM is working it.

It's frustrating I know but hang in there. They've obviously been caught off guard on this one.

Hang in there.

Dealer has my car. Meaningless. He put down "Customer claims that the Horse Power of vehicle is insufficient".

I told him that wasn't exactly what I wanted on the sheet but that the car is simply not getting the acceleration it should. He said that they don't deal in 'times' but HP and performance. Whatever that means. That's fine, as long as I do as I'm told with the car.

Originally Posted by toehead93 View Post
So I think I've seen 2 L99s visited by GM reps. What exactly did the GM folks say the problem was and what was does to solve the problem(s)? Was everything related to gas only???
so far as we know.

I know about Scotts. Who is the other one?
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