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I do a lot of reading and not much posting, however on this issue I feel compelled to add my 2 cents.

1) My L99 couldn't pull away from a VW bug
2) My L99 can't smoke the tires -( yes I know all about how to turn off the traction control etc.......)
3) I only have 91 octane available in this area, and yes I only run 91 and I put in the 91 GAS for the initial fill from the dealer myself.
4) There are several issues that GM needs to correct, telling you 93 octane gas fixed the problem is BS.
5) I Don't buy the line, 93 octane is the fix, they uploaded a new ECM program and tune for your car and fixed your problem. What about the rest of us??????????
5) We all need the new ECM tune and update you received or even a better one so the car can deliver and perform according to the stated factory specs or better.
6) The dealers need to be notified of this problem so they can speak intelligently to their loyal GM customers and fix the problem ASAP..........................

This fix is taking way too long and they will loose market share to Ford when they try to convert Pony drivers to Camaro drivers especially when the future customers know there is a problem with the L99s. They read this Forum also..........
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