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Originally Posted by KILLER74Z28
Sorry no disrespect, but I am going to have to call you out on this, trust me I know. Like I mentioned before my former employer was smack dab in the middle of the MotorCity. We never made the suspension softer on a sport coupe if the rims increased in size. The whole reason for larger rims is for performance (and I am not talking Bling Bling rims ether). That was the biggest complaint by the customers after buying the top of the line coupe “The ride is to stiff” well no sh** you bought a 400+ horse street legal race car, what did you expect… Now on the high end luxury sedans, yes we would soften the suspension for a better ride if it had larger rims, but we would still get complaints. You want a softer ride by a V6 with 16 in rims (larger side walls)…
I agree with you on the above.
But they do use "unique suspension tuning" on the new mustang if it's ordered with 18" rims.
I will try to find out exactly what that means. I assumed its softer because the v6 model itself has a stiff ride. (rented one before for a day).
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