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Originally Posted by Shadowmind View Post
What if you want to swap 'the tune' out when you go in for a service for your regular 'tune'?

How do you fix that little problem?

My Chevy mechanic said, "Get another computer so you get the downshift right, then swap it out when you need to bring it in. We have Corvette guys that do this all the time. You can do it on your own."

Otherwise... You're SOL when you take it in for service and they check the tune on the car.
I would recommend swapping out the PCM as your GM mechanic suggested. Otherwise, if the GM service guy overwrites your custom tune, you will be bumming!

It's going to be kinda hard to hide the blower on top of my engine once my car is built at LPE. LPE will work with my local GM service desk for warranty repairs (I already asked both parties). It pays to make friends at your local dealership!
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