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I've got nothing but good things to say about Walker, or at least their internet sales guy, Randy Mobley. They're selling at MSRP, and apparently doing well enough that they're getting more Camaro allocations per month soon (they've had 5/month for several months now, but supposedly that's getting at least doubled soon).

The first thing he did when I asked for a quote online was let me know the next two TPW dates that would have allocations for and when he expected delivery. This was back at the end of May - he said GM would probably accept the order and I would receive the car in September. We did everything over the phone (I haven't been to the dealership yet). He called a couple of weeks later to give me the order number. He called me again when the car hit the ~3000 level to verify the order and see if I wanted to change anything. He called again one day after SpasticSquirrel picked up my order to let me know he expected it to be ready for pickup next week - which is a couple of week sooner than I expected when I placed the order.

Beyond that, he's been pretty friendly and cool to look up stuff for me, like getting GFX painted and what not. Apparently I was the first one to ask about it.

So, all told he's only called me three or four times in the last 10 weeks, all for the important dates. That's good enough for me.

Can the dealership not give you an order number?
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