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I will only buy a new mustang when ford releases it in THIS color:

FYI ford is gonna release the mustang in that color for the 2008 year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the movie bullitt. From what i have read/seen it is basically a base V6 car but with all the drive train and suspension and wheels/tires to a GT. this reminds me of the LX mustang 5.0s of the 80s/90s, which were basically 4 cyl LX mustangs but with all the drivetrain goodies of the GT, minus the GT's extra weight for stuff like body cladding and luxury amenities. the LX 5.0 notch and fast backs were real performance bargins, the notchback LX 5.0's were used in florida and californina on the highway patrol when new. This NEW bullitt themed stang will come in the dark green paint, with the black interior, and wood rimmed steering wheel, just like the 1968 original, i bet Steve (Frank Bullitt) McQueen would have LOVED this car.

Im not biased, i like ALL front engine rear drive cars that have balls, even if it has a 'blue oval' or a 'bow tie' or a 'ram head' it's 'ALL GOOD'.

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