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Hurst T-Handle on my hurst shifter

As previewed on homepage.

Do you guys want me to put the T-Handel on my hurst shifter and post pic for all of you to see?.

First let me tell you how much fun it is to work with the guys at Hurst/B&M racing, If i asked for something i got it fast, Like the reply last week from Kenji on the 3/8 16 thread for the shifter ball, And Chris for letting me be part the testing for Hurst, You guys on camaro5 Will love this shifter it is 1000 times what the OEM is.

So to do this T-Handel was all of 10 min.


Lets talk about install. Few questions for you friend..

1. Does the consol need to be removed with the gauges? If so where did you start? No you do not remove the console but you remove the gauges, see this pic.

2. Does the stock grip "Pull" off? YES

3. Does this install require any work underneath the vehicle work? Yes for the shifter the first time after that, you but on the upper 1/2 you want, for the ball or T-Handle, Or but on the top for the OEM handle,

4. Would you suggest Lock-tight so the ball or t-handle will not move while in a hard shift, or strip the threads? The T-Handle comes with some Lock-tight for the inner threads ( it has universal threads and all size threads ) but for the ball i have 8500 Mi on it with no moving of the ball.
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