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Originally Posted by fredl11 View Post
but after reading this important information from a Cobalt Forum I am not to sure about the use of turbos or Superchargers!

Just when you thought you had seen / heard it all. This has got to be a joke, he cannot be serious!

"So we all know that the supercharged engines need the intake bypass valve so they work in reverse. Otherwise the supercharger would just suck all the air out of the cylinder. So knowing that, how does the turbocharged version work in reverse? The engine is trying to suck air backwards, yet the turbo wants to spin forward so I don't see how it works. Is there some sort of exhausting intake bypass valve on the turbo version? Also, if it does have the valve, does that also mean that it can make boost in reverse? Like how much boost? Like 5 psi or does it go over 20?

Can anyone help me sort this out?"

BUT! Just ito be sure I'm going outside and have wife watch my engine as I back out of the driveway and see just exactly what the engine does with turbos when going in reverse! I'll post if anything monumental happens.

No really, he might be on to something, we've never seen what happens with the engine with a closed hood, maybe its like what goes on behind closed doors.

oh, jeez. please tell me you and he are joking.
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