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Need help from you experts

I was the very lucky winner of a Red Jewel 2010 Camaro 2LT (no RS) in a key turn event sponsored by Buy for Less and Dr. Pepper.

It has 6 speed automatic/manual transmission with remote vehicle start added to the standards. The sticker price of the vehicle is $28,515. When we got it last Saturday it had 89 miles on it and at this point has about 220 miles.

It is an absolutely beautiful car and is SO much fun to drive! We are looking at our options now and trying to figure out what to do. We would love to keep it of course, but that is probably not going to be possible. We will owe the IRS and OK state a big chunk of money and we have a 17 year old son that is ecstatic at the moment to be able to drive it a little, but we will probably need to be more practical and sell it.

My question is what is a fair price to ask for it? We talked to Bob Howard in Edmond where the car came from, and they said if we kept it under 250 miles, they would give us $26,851. I know that if that is what he would pay us, that he expects to sell it for more than that (plus I don't trust them). I've tried to research fair market value but haven't been able to find any like this that have been sold.

I would really appreciate opinions on what we she do. We'd really like to drive it SOME and enjoy it for a little while and then sell it but we don't want to bring down the value of it too much. Should we stop driving it totally and sell it to a dealer or what should we ask from an individual wanting to buy it? We don't want to be greedy but don't want to get short-changed either.

So your expert opinions would be greatly appreciated here. Thanks!
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