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Originally Posted by attymf View Post
I love the way the car rides a lot better. Its defineitly a more comfy ride especially on bad roads.

When I hit the clover leafs or windy roads I just feel like my old z28 handled better.

I wonder if the issue is that in the 5th gen I just dont feel like I am going as fast as I was in the 4th gen. Maybe I am actually going a lot faster and just dont know it.

I felt the same way going from a 3rd gen to 4thgen. There was more body roll, and i didn't think it was as stuck as well in the corners. Then i really looked at the speed i was carrying, and finally changed my mind. I do think if you put most of these newer cars on the wheels and tires from 20 years ago you'd have a big drop in skidpad numbers.
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