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Originally Posted by Dave Coyle View Post
Quick question, when you unplug those 2 fuses, do you run the car for a while or just wait a couple minutes and replug them in?

Dude, these fuses don't just go to your radio. lol
DO NOT pull them with the car running OR try to start the car with them in. I'm not sure what would happen but it's not a good idea since they go to a MAJOR part of the system that tells your car how to run.

Originally Posted by mlee View Post
Great Info... sounds like ...8675 is due for an update...

Sounds like once the fuel sets itself... it is permanently set...
According to the Tech that my dealer spoke with, it will slow down again if you put low oct. fuel in it and will NOT adjust back up when high oct. is put in. If you use low oct. fuel, you'll have to reset the ecu again.

Originally Posted by mlee View Post
If it was a 10 minute pull they would have done that at the dealership... but they told him to go home and do it.

Originally Posted by Slvr1SSA6 View Post
Took the car out today. I did not get a change to do a 0-60 run but the butt dyno sez low 5's. I did do one launch. I had it in "S" and traction control off. I brought the rpm's to about 1500 at let her go... It spun hard all the way through 1st and stopped right at the shift into second gear and then barked the tires into second!!!!!!!
Cant ask for more than that!!!!
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