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since we will have about 50 or more 5th gens if 80% or more of the Norcal and SoCal people that have gone to their respective meets, I think we shuld rent out buttonwilow's track. It's pretty close to the middle of San Diego and Sac/SF. It would only cost people gas to get there, and about 100 bucks (it's around 5000 to rent for the day, divide that my 50). According to the poll, a big majority wanted late June or July.

We wouldn't need a lead and trail car for that, and videography would be pretty cool. Also, maybe we can try to get GM to sponser the event and slap a magnetic sticker or something on every car going to and from the track to advertise for them as we will be driving quite a bit to get there.

If something like this goes down, I could help with the maps/directions, etc. etc. and creating the list and contact info.
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