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Originally Posted by JSOC_MQ1 View Post
Thanks to your threads about the A6 problem, I made sure my dealer put 93 octane in the car.
One of the first things I tested was the 0-60 times (yea, I know no vid. or pic's sorry) with only about 10 miles on the car. It was right at between the 5 - 5.5 sec. times.
I also told the dealer about the problems that other people have been having and they are making sure that the 93 octane get's in all future camaros (they have 11 more coming in next month).

Now, not to thread jack or anything, but I get my car back on Thursday and am looking forward to the times with the below mod's:

New Era OTR Intake
ARH LT & 3" exhaust
SLP PowerFlo mufflers and tips (making full 3" exhaust)
All installed by my dealer

I will post up a video when I get it back.
I hate to know what a dealer is going to charge to install that! I only charge $250 for header installation. What are they charging you, about $500?

Have any of you guys tried disconnecting the battery overnight?

One last thing that I thought of, is that they are probably adjusting the Torque Management part of the computer tuning. Torque Management is what is responsible for the sluggishness off of the line and between gears. It essentially pulls timing and slightly closes the throttle to pull back some power to stop from breaking driveline parts as easy.
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