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CGM is comming!!

Mine is CGM and I will be there with the soon to be wifey and step daughter... Mine is going to the dealership in the morning to get the bumper repainted already and new lower plastic grill because of my terrible luck. On the way to work the after only having the car for 4 days a 2 foot strip of roofing shingle flew up on the highway from the car infront and slammed my bumper putting deep sratches all over... then on the way home that night a white cat decided to bolt out infront of me on the highway and broke the lower grill... Now I'm parnoid to drive the damn thing... Oh well all will be fixed tomorrow and ready for Sunday!!! (The road trip has me even more parnoid now)
Ordered on March 3rd
Got my Vin on July 31st
Picked up at dealer 2 weeks later on Aug 14th!!!
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