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Originally Posted by camaroluver View Post
OUCH!! One of my friends has a Cadillac STS and we live out in the country, she has hit so many things with it at night. 2x already it has had to go to the shop for more than a busted grill one animal she hit did something to the a/c. She cursed me I do believe, I have never had an issue with anything running out in front of me in my Impala, now Sat night we took the Camaro out to dinner and on the way home a damn raccoon ran out in front of me.....luckily I didn't hit it, this car has great brakes!!
Yea the last three years of driving my 99 Z28 and not even so much as a rock chip... Ever since I got this one there seems to be debri all over the highway... I've seen rocks bouncing off of dump trucks, blown tires shreds, plastic bottles and bags.. I hope this is the end of this bad luck thing... I wasn't going to do the clear bra thing but now I am when I get it back from the dealership tomorrow...
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