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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
One of my teachers, way back when, (he was a biker) told me of this 100mph club. Where they set up check-points at bars so that to make it to the end, you must break 100 on your bike. Get a patch or something if you make it. Crazy.........

Back in college when i had the bike one of my best friends had a Hayabusa (1300 GSX-R). you talk about crazy. He had the speed regulator taken off as well as some other mods. This bike is absolutely a rocket on wheels. The speedo goes up to 180.... he would bury the needle in the speedo before he even shifted into 6th gear. There are reports of those things getting well into 200mph. He was one of the 200mph club.... luckily he never had an accident and he has since sold the bike.

We went to the drag strip a few time so that he could see what it would do in the 1/4mile. His was pretty good as he was constantly in the low 11's and could have been in the 10's but he is a bad drag racer. There were other people there with even more modified hayabusas that were running low 9's!

I never had the balls to even attempt to ride his bike... my 600cc F4i was plenty of power for me!
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