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Originally Posted by ibznu2010 View Post
Hey guys. Got 0-60 dynolicious 5.06 95 degrees Georgia heat. Added hennesey cold air. Adding headers & high flow cats & tune on monday 8-31-09. Also gets a dyno. Will let my state neighbors know the results. stay tuned. & how about that car ride you promised. Igot a car show coming up in Albany Ga. Lets get together. Power to the max.
Car ride? Who? Me?

Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
Heck I'd reset it anyway.

Originally Posted by quickdraw View Post
This is interesting. When I first got my car the first 300 miles my car would report "shift denied" fairly easily. I thought that the acceleration was a little slugish. Somewhere after 300 miles it was like everything just "turned on". When I downshift the computer blips the throttle like I would with a manual and it will downshifts at higher RPM's than before. The performance all around just got better. I thought that there was something in the computer detuning it during a breakin cyle but it might have just been the computer reading a lower octane gas from the dealer's first tank.
Maybe it adjusted back to the upper table.
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