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Originally Posted by Evotion View Post
I think we need to get locations of everyone... I feel bad going to an area 2 minutes from my house. I know we have a lot of northwest peeps, maybe a more central location.

Evo: Speedway/Harrison -- Eastside
Flynn: Linda Vista/Hartman -- Northwest
Rez: Broadway/Kolb -- Eastside
40Years: La Canada/Calle Concordia -- Northwest
Azburk: ???????
Missileman: Somewhere down south i think??
Ridgerunner: ????
Leodaniel: ????

Flynn... feel free to copy and paste this in your first post so it doesn't get lost.

Oh... and Sunday at 10 is good for me.
Azburk...Camino Seco/Escalante -- Eastside
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