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Originally Posted by Evokatana View Post
Wow. I've finally out smarted the car. This is three times now the car would not start. Morning and evening leaving work. Each time I got the car to start by opening the driver's door. Once it starts it says 2 keys programmed. Wants me to open drivers window. close drivers window. Open passenger window and close passenger window. By the way after the car starts the 4 way flashers also come on. Sometimes it starts but the onstar doesn't work and the engine is not at full power....hense shut off and repeat and by the way open the drivers door and then waah laa she runs.

I am waiting for my stripes and off road exhaust to get here so the dealer can do their thing and fix the starter problem.
After 2 weeks of the dealer checking and replacing parts. They determined there was a bad cell in the battery. Lots of hassle and 2 rental cars later.... They put in the new battery and it works great no errors and she starts right up.
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