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Why do you think the Z28 is the higher tier?

I know that a lot of you are citing history as reasons, but to date we have no evidence that a Z28 will even exist, much less outrank the SS. Don't get me wrong. I think a Z28 should absolutely be present. I don't care if it is dominant. In the fourth generation, though, I see Z28s all the time with the SS being a more rare, high-profile trim. I'm wondering what has led everyone on this site to begin assuming that the Z28 is the top tier while the SS is a lower tier. Moreover, what evidence do you have to support the idea that something higher than the pre-production V8 will exist?

I'm sure plenty of you will say that the competition has a higher tier, therefore Chevrolet will have to have a higher tier, but let's be frank here. The whole car industry is in the gutter. Canceling platforms will be a common occurrence over the next couple of years. Could you forgive GM if they only permitted Chevrolet to produce a 400-hp Camaro?

I'm only being the devil's advocate here. I don't want to stir up any trouble, but I'm seeing Z28 posted all over the site as though it is already in many members' garages. Knowing that the alleged SS will likely beat out all of the competition from Dodge, Ford, and Asian import companies, why do you think GM must produce something higher without calling it a special edition Camaro? I wouldn't hold it against GM if there was only one V8 without forced induction since the DI V6 will be within reach of a Mustang GT. This car is golden without some unholy monster that pushes 500 horses, so why is it so necessary to assume that GM has any intentions to make something better? What evidence do you have that a Z28 is in the works at all? Are there secret track times that I haven't seen where a Camaro is rolling around sporting Z28 badges? Someone explain the Z28 phenomenon to me.
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